Francisco Escobal (ID’d)


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  1. Fuck me, that is one hot, hot man! Stunning facial features, especially the eyes. And a great body to boot. I bet he completes the triple threat with a nice package too. Please, someone provide his name so I can find more photos.

  2. His name is Francisco Escobar.
    One letter is wrong.
    He was Mr. World 2013 and not 2012.

    Btw there are more beautiful guys.

    • Who said they’re aren’t more beautiful guys, it’s not a contest. And I realized that I had misspelled his last name, but had already posted twice and figured most people would see that in the link.

  3. had a short fling with Francisco last year. I will never forget him. a real man’s man. beautiful soul.

  4. 100% gorgeous, cute face, hot body & “Come to bed!” eyes 😍


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