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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, it is a very sad time here in Florida.

    • I’m also a native Floridian (Tampa bay area) though I haven’t lived there for a while, but this loss affects us all whether gay or straight or whether we knew them or not.

  2. sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed this site for many years, and will be happy to help.

    • MBM,

      I’ve been disabled and unemployed for the past several years and can’t help right now but will when I can. I was wondering though, regarding the banner advertising income for you, is it like a flat rate thing or would it help if we all clicked on them more, or do you only receive money if we buy something? Just trying to help.

  3. God Bless you in your time of loss MBM, and thank you for all you do.

    • Martin

      Thank you,MBM and Surf and all the other friends i share…. it takes a tragedy to finally wake up the people from acting out in anger and hatred for things they don’t understand….we are just Men and Women who want to admire each other for the beauty we share Inside and Out….Let’s pray or just share pleasant thoughts for the Dead and keep the positive vibes going….

  4. Sorry for your loss.
    May the hatred leaves humans’ hearts

  5. Thank you for all you do. Sorry for your loss. Very sad day.

  6. Lisa Cauthy-Jones

    We in the straight community will stand with you and help protect you. God bless you all.

    And thanks for all the man candy😉

  7. This wasn’t just a hit for the gay community in the US. I live in a country very far from there, and I’m also very sad and very angry at the same time.

    Is it too much asking to let us leave in peace?

    If this was just a consequence of an insane guy, well, I don’t justify it, but there’s nothing to say. Crazy people do crazy things.

    But if this was a deliberate act of hate to gay people, they really deserve the worst for every one of those guys and girls who where killed in Orlando.

    Hope you find me first, ISIS. Otherwise, I will find you and make you pay for what you have done. It’s a promise.

  8. Continue to have you in my thoughts and prayers MBM, hope you are beginning to find some relief from the pain of your loss.


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