Robby Rasmussen


Robby Rasmussen

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  1. Super sexy turn on. Hot!

    • Martin

      a bit young, but Yes,,, he has a killer body and a gorgeous face..

      • My goodness, how old are you Martin? The guy just turned 26 a few days ago. You sound like an old man! LOL!

        • Martin

          i turned 50 in August, but he is a very young looking 26…. he looks like a teenager,,he probably has a baby face..LOL

          • Gosh, I was thinking you were much younger than me, but only by 8 years. When I was 51 in 2009 I had a super hot Latino guy at work who was 27 at the time approach me to share his very first bi-curious encounter with him and we had an almost 6 year fling. I must say it was great for my ego as well as my sexual needs to experience that much of an age gap. But we became much more than just friends with benefits, we were like brothers and did a lot of things together. A highlight of my life, especially this late in life. Sorry, didn’t intend to rabble on and bother you with my doings.

  2. Martin

    SURF, you are never a bother… you seem so sweet and genuine….I’m glad we are friends here… You had a good story to tell, so do I…. I’m getting Married on April 30th to my Partner David of 11 years… we just finally got our license and date…we are a good match… we both have our friends on-line and neither of us are the jealous type… he always gets a laugh at my comments in here…we are faithful and don’t cheat… and I’m marrying my best friend…

    • So happy for you brother. I wish I had come along at a time when it is more accepted and legal like it is today. But I’m getting too old and the chance of finding that true love and permanent partner is pretty much gone now. But it doesn’t mean I can’t still lust online and everyday on the street! It keeps me young at heart anyway. LOL!

      • Martin

        You are NEVER too young, Surf… I found David at 40….when I just about gave up hope finding anyone ….I really believe I was going to be alone for life and then I got lucky…You might find Mr Right in the goofiest of places… you always need to keep your eyes and heart OPEN to anything..

  3. I know what you mean, Surf, I guess that I’m the “youngster ” here … 48 😌. No luck as yet in my search for a permanent relationship 😦. For my part I wasted too many years as went from ….straight …. bi-curious….. bisexual ,,,, gay . Well, no one is born with a set of instructions! … still I can lust after guys with a clear conscience … homosexuality is legal in the UK 😎… as it should be globally. Best wishes to Martin & David. 👬🎂🍸🍺👍

  4. So beautiful sharing your stories guys. I’m 38 and wasting my life. Married to woman, have 2 kids, and have a secret sexual relationship with my straight friend. Talk about complicated.

    • Leo, I would never think that you’re wasting your life since you’ve given two your kids a chance to experience their own life and love, straight or gay. I was married for 10 years, and we didn’t split over me being bi (just couldn’t get along). In a way I’m glad we didn’t have kids and put them through the divorce. I won’t presume to tell you how to live your life, but after the kids leave home if there’s no real love to keep you married I would consider leaving as well. It’s like I told my ex, I wanted her to be happy and I wanted to be happy, but if we couldn’t be happy together life’s just to damned short to live in an unfulfilling or bad relationship.

      • Thank you, Surf. It made me really cry reading your comment. I’m in a very difficult situation now. I’m terribly in love with my straight friend. Obsessing over him every day. At the same time, I feel guilty cheating on my wife. It’s tearing me inside. I love my kids a lot. I think they’re the real reason why I still keep living. But I’m still human, I can’t control who I love. I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t think I would even come out to my wife. She’s a true homophobe and very narrow-minded. I do love her but I can’t also deny my attraction to my straight friend. It’s really tough.

    • Martin

      Leo, you just need to be Honest to 2 people…. Yourself first and you wife and kids second…You don’t want to destroy her life by risking getting caught in something that you can end in a civil and easy way… either chose the truth and tell her that you love your man,,, or if you love her more and can give up sex then chose that… I would NEVER stay ( IMHO) in a relationship with a person when you know what your heart and body needs…

  5. Your “straight” friend is probably not that straight, Leo. No body on this forum is going to get all judgemental.

    • He’s 110% straight. Believe me. I had to pay $500 to let me suck him. It’s worth every penny. Now, Im making a 1k deal to suck him at least 5 times. No success yet. He says he’s not that cheap. lol. It’s really hard to convince him. The good thing is he’s in financial trouble. I know I’m a horrible person. I don’t care . If you only seen him, you’ll do anything. He’s that stunning.

      • Two things Leo: 1st, there way too many guys (millions) wanting to hook up for free with no strings attached to be shelling out that kind of money! 2nd, and I’m sorry to disagree – but no matter what he tells you or tries to make himself believe, no guy has sex with another guy without some level of homosexual tendency or desire. There are far too many “straight” guys who won’t do it no matter what the price, or cost!

        • Well, said, Surf , if this friend was “110 % straight” there would not be enough money (or beer) in the world for him to agree to having gay sex. …. casual sex is relatively easy to aquire, a worthwhile relationship? That’s difficult. … most of the guys I’ve been with were complete and utter 💩heads …. 😨


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