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Beautiful Sexy Handsome Man of the Day 160201 09

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  1. Mussboii

    He looks WAY better now all bulked up

    • Surfwatcher

      To each his own, but I liked him better toned but slimmer. Just sexier to me.

      • i agree with you… Toned and slim is way better than Veiny and Bulked up…

    • He’s gone from slim and sexy to bulky, veiny and ugly. Not my cup of tea.

      • TightBottom199

        Sigh! Why do they always do this? He was lean, fit, and gorgeous. And he just HAD to get all big and bulky and ruin it. I still think he looks pretty good, but they beautiful men just ruin themselves with the obsessive bulking. It just tears me up…

        • You said it! He was probably one of the most lusted after men on the net for years, now I’d rather look at his older pictures than how he is now.

          P.S. TightBottom199, I left you a gif of Brad Murphy.


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