Jordan Torres (ID’d)


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  1. Surfwatcher

    Great eyes!

  2. Straight Guy

    Young homo

    • Why don’t you go play your hateful games somewhere else that you’d feel more at home, like Fox News, Breitbart or some other site that supports your hero tRump. We don’t want your ignorant troll ass here! But the only person you’re fooling is yourself, and once you accept who you really are and let go of the self loathing you’ll be much happier.

      • i feel sorry for SG ( i refuse to believe his FAKE profile)…. he was taught at an early age, that Hatred for others is his life’s calling… I’m praying for his pathetic hateful soul to see the light and accept everyone no matter..race, creed, and sexual orientation…

  3. alicia mi

    fuck me!


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