Sander Bos (Corrected)


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  1. Surfwatcher

    Hot, Hot, Hot!

  2. Surfwatcher

    I’d like to have his Hyde!

  3. Surfwatcher

    Hot! I’d like to have his Hyde!

  4. Surfwatcher

    HOT! I’d like to Hyde in his pants and have his hide!

  5. Surfwatcher

    His name is Sander Bos and he is hot as f*ck:

    • Surfwatcher

      Sorry for all the repeated posts guys, I kept commenting because they didn’t post, but MBM fixed it and they all came up. Didn’t want you to think I’d post it! 😉

  6. Woah, calm down Surf! I know the guy is super hot alright

    • Surfwatcher

      Oh, this is from when MBM accidentally blocked me along with those other spammers we’ve been seeing lately. My comments weren’t posting so I kept re-posting. I know it looks like I lost it on this guy! 🙂


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