Nic Palladino


Beautiful Sexy Handsome Man of the Day 151126 06

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  1. TightBottom199

    I could just snuggle and cuddle him all night long!

    • he is beyond gorgeous….. beautiful features, sexy eyes… lips made for kissing and other fun activities and a BUBBLE to die for….I could POP it all night long and bury something ( * blushes*)

      • TightBottom199

        I know…Everything about him is perfection! You can tell in this one, but he actually has gorgeous eyes, too!!!

      • Surfwatcher

        Okay Martin, I’m dying to know so I’m calling you out – just what are these “other fun activities” you’re always mentioning? You need to be more specific! 🙂

        • ok… here goes…what are sexy full lips good for besides kissing… This a PG-13 site…I’m not going into Graphic Detail… You should use your
          imagination on this one. 🙂 :0 😉

        • Look at middle icon…..what else can be “french Kissed”…wink wink…


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