Dustin McNeer


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  1. He is THE most beautiful man! He IS.
    I wanna worship him.

  2. Yuck. Tattooed loser!

  3. Dustin was and is such a beautiful man. I almost weep a little over the fact that he has destroyed his body with ink, even tattooing the front of his neck in the last year. Why!? That ugly scribbling is like drawing a moustache on Mona Lisa.

  4. just because we don’t like tattoos doesn’t give us the right to condemn those who have the right to do to their own bodies as they seem fit….. what if we had Brown eyes and someone who followed us said we are disgusting and we need to Pluck out our Brown eyes and have them replaced with Blue ones…Both scenarios are ridiculous and have no valid opinions…..so we don’t like tattoo??? Tough Beans…


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