Fernando Skinner


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  1. Surfwatcher

    Is that supposed to be the evil eye or something? Like this shot better:


  2. Homosexuality is not of God. It is demonic.

    • Well then seeing as how you spend so much time here we can assume that you are possessed with a gay demon. Hey, that’s actually a web site if you want to go bother them – please!!!

      • it’s simple Will is Straight Man… he is Christian Man and all the Pseudo-Non-de-plume’s all the past few weeks here…he is an attention seeker and nothing more…let him live with his hatred, because it’s only himself that has to answer to a Higher Power when he has to explain why he spread hatred and vile speech amongst his “brothers and sisters”…

  3. Well, Martin, I have to say that “Straight Christian’s” latest name (of a long list) is all painfully transparent and fools nobody 😄 . He’s about as “straight” the average clientele in a gay bar…. or any of us 😉

  4. He’s super hot!! He’s got that sexy morning hair. I think I’ve seen his doppelganger with cockyboys guys on http://www.gaytiger.com If I can have more of this guy please tell me where!?!

  5. Jimmy, if only Fernando could do this https://twinkybf.com/self-suck-and-self-swallow/ Looks like he’s got a pretty lean and flexible body to be a god sent power bottom LOL. Surf you should change your username to Bjorn… just sayin’ would be more sexy!

  6. Jamaican Jerk

    This is where I saw Nando Skinner for the first time. https://gayteenmales.com/categories/teen-boy/ Everyone remembers their first time, especially when it’s with Fernando Skinner… woohoo!


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