Diego Arnary


Diego Arnary

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  1. I would pay BIG bucks to have a night with him.

  2. Stunningly beautiful man….
    I am sure that it will worth every penny, rs.

  3. (Drool)… Hello handsome! I want him so bad. (Sigh)

  4. TightBottom199

    Now this is a MAN! MMMMM…

  5. Such a god.
    Brazillian men are so hot.

  6. Very hot…beautiful features and gorgeous brown eyes….Tats aren’t too bad either..

  7. Deaglan

    Necesito agua. Necesito mucho y ahora lo necesito; de lo contrario, voy a estallar en llamas.

    Translation: I need water. I need a lot and I need it now; otherwise, I’m going to burst out into flames.

  8. not my type, too masculine


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