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Beautiful Sexy Handsome Man of the Day 150908 04

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  1. Stunning upper body and an enticing VPL. 9.8 points from the English judge. Holding back 0.2 as he’s got too many clothes on.

  2. I give him a Perfect 10 for a Awesome VPL. stunning body and beautiful face,,a beautiful BUBBLE that’s dying to be Popped and Lips perfect for kissing hard and other “fun” things as well….

  3. GUYS! Just look at that VPL! It’s a perfect 10!

  4. TightBottom199

    Guys, please. That’s not a VPL. It’s basically see through. You can see his actual dick. And it’s lovely.

  5. Every millimeter of his body is lovely.

  6. super sexy…

  7. This has been heavily edited; it almost looks entirely digitally drawn.


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