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  1. Surfwatcher

    That’s the perfect amount of chest & trail hair that drives me crazy! But where’s the cute face that goes with that bod? Get a different camera or use a phone, or better yet get someone else to take the shot……

  2. Red Tide

    Do we really need a comment on every picture here from Surfwatcher? Get a life whoever you are!

    • Surfwatcher

      Sorry Red Tide,

      I was afraid I was posting too many. I hardly ever posted in the past, but since I became disabled and can’t work anymore, I don’t have much of a life as you say and a lot of spare time on my hands. It helps to distract me from the constant excruciating pain that I’m in.

      But I didn’t see a lot of comments overall and thought the site owners might want some more participation. Tell you what, when they tell me to stop I will, until then I’ll cut back on the number of posts and you should just ignore me if my opinions don’t mesh with yours. Mellow out man!


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